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Product Description

Your side curtains are refurbished with unbreakable lexan 

2 front flapping windows Left and Right

2 rear solid windows left and right

Colors are an extra charge

Allow 4-6 weeks for completion

shipping is round trip shipping

Lexan Installation Instructions

Remove clear plastic from frame. 
use a scoring knife or similiar to remove old plastic from frame. 
Use a grinder or similiar to remove remaining plastic from inside edges. 
Remove anti rattle tabs in feet. grind the head off a 10d nail, and pop out anti rattle tabs. using a hammer from the inside out,  save these for later. 
Using a wire wheel or similiar to remove tarnish from  feet, then using steel wool, polish feet, 
Clean frames using soapy water or auto cleaner, do not use any kind of protectant to clean them, otherwise glue wont stick

Corners can be fixed with Marine goop. 
Prepare frames for weatherstripping seal IF using SOME
tape off all of the feet, using masking tape, 
apply a seal to all 4 frames on the inside of frame or use a silicone sealant or similar.

(The silicone can also be applied after you install lexan)
place bulbous part towards center of frame, do one side at a time using vinyl cement, 
apply glue OR CONTACT CEMENT liberally to vinyl on frame, sparingly to seal, 
wait 2 minutes to skin over, then apply. 
use respirator, works best over 50 degrees. 

Do the bottom of the frame first, trim additional material to go around feet. 
make a small cut in flat part to make turns neater
Coat frame with Black vinyl coating such as SEM brand vinyl paint

first coat lightly, 
second coat to finish or use an ARMOR ALL or vinyl cleaner
two coats, follow instructions on can, 
pay special attention to vinyl seal if applying one and to corners. 
once dry remove masking tape. 



Mark 48 X 36 sheet at 15 and 1/4” inches, cut the long way (48”) using a sabre type reciprocating saw with fine blade, be sure to use a guide when using a power saw

cut two pieces 15 and 1/4” x 48” 

Or use a scoring knife score 3 or 4 times deeply, then snap it carefully

Once you cut the LEXAN then mark the 15 and 1/4” pieces at 20 and 28” on the 48” piece

Mark a diagonal line across from 20” on one side and - 28” and the other

You should now have what looks like a side curtain times 4

stack these up and cut corners where the door feet go 

using a scoring knife or grinder (you can do all 4 at one time or each individually may work better)

Use marked lexan as guide. 
do solids first, 
Use 1/8 inch drill bit
fold back all edges, both sides as shown, 
Align holes in lexan with center of framework. 
Clamp 2 points once centered on frame. 
holes should line up all the way around with center of frame. 

You can drill 1/8” holes in place or premark the holes 

I recommend a drill press, but you can also do it freehand

There is a hollow area inside framework, except at corners, when drilling be careful not to drill all the way through vinyl on other side.


Use #45s for most of the frame, 46s' for corner solid areas. 

Stainless steel rivets are very difficult to remove so be careful that each rivet is seated properly.  
Except for the corners, the drill should stop in hollow area in middle of frame work. 

Drill points NEAR FRONT CORNER as marked first 

Vacuum areas periodically to remove excess then rivet points 

(use # 46 rivet if solid all the way through)
dont forget nylon washer for all rivets except for hinge
now drill points ALONG THE BOTTOM FIRST,

vacuum excess, then rivet using #45s and washers, 
remove clamps, drill remaining holes. 
vacuum , then rivet completely, 
your done with the rears. 

If applying silicone sealant do so now around outside between curtain and lexan. 

same deal as above , for front part of flap. 

apply hinge, on edge of flap, 
clamp hinge onto lexan on inside of frame
mark all holes, 
and drill them out using 1/8" or in center of holes do one side at a time, drill from the inside out, remove excess material from lexan, to make sure hinge is flat on lexan. 
using #42's rivet hinge to lexan on inside , and use stainless steel backup washers on outside of lexan.
Now align flap and drill and rivet flap to hinge in the same fashion, 
Use velcro around inside area and to flap open
flap opens on inside, 
USE Special vinyl tape on hinge to cover from the outside of frame, if desired
Put two runs of tape on each hinge. press down on to stainless steel washers firmly.
In all places where velcro is applied, must be sanded for proper adhesion, and sand down back of velcro using sandpaper, otherwise marine goop will not hold. 
use marine goop to apply velcro to lexan and to frame
use marine goop to replace anti rattle tabs back into feet
Your done!

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